Will you make him king?

The Alpha's Oracle

IronMoon #1

Gianna is a Seer : blessed with visions and dreams from the Moon Goddess.

Alpha Gabel intends to be the first Alpha King in five hundred years, and his ruthless cruelty and ambition are without limit. Gianna and their Bond are his toy, nothing more.

Taken against her will, Marked without consent, and forced to play Gabel’s cruel games, Gianna vows to be the one soul that Gabel never conquers.


Iron Oracle

IronMoon #2

All must believe. Even you must doubt.

Gabel, obsessed with finding the traitors in his growing kingdom, embarks on a ruthless campaign to stamp out every ember of rebellion.

But his enemies have been waiting, and they have laid a trap for the IronMoon Alpha.

The Moon watches it all, weaving these mortal machinations into Her Own cruel design.

A design that will drive Gabel to the brink of his sanity, and Gianna to the edge of her loyalty and faith.


Ice & Iron

IronMoon #3

Will you make him King?

Adrianna has fled with her two sons to the north of SableFur, vowing to take revenge on those who betrayed her, and secure a future for her sons. Gabel marches on SableFur's heart, sworn to reclaim what belongs to him: his birthright and his mate. Aaron has vowed he will call no wolf king.

With a fresh Mark etched into her arm, and a secret that will be unravelled at Beltane, Gianna must decide who will wear the crown... and who will die.