Breath of Chaos

Duct tape, dragons, chaos, and the fate of civilization.

Breath of Chaos

Breath of Chaos #1

Auryn broke my heart when he ghosted me two years ago. My life is finally back on track, and he’ll never get another chance to hurt me.

Until he saves me from a typhoon. I should have just told him to let me drown.

Now I’m trapped ten miles under the ocean floor with Auryn and all the other dragons that inhabit the sunken city of Lemuria. Unlicensed humans aren’t allowed here, so I have to justify the air I breathe or I’ll be bitten in two.

In private, Auryn tells me how he never meant to hurt me, but if anyone’s watching, he treats me so badly the other dragons apologize for him. He’s also not single, and his girlfriend, Kira, has decided I’m her newest best friend.

Auryn’s soft-spoken cousin Keon would be a lovely distraction, but he’s too shy to even look me in the eye. Auryn’s smoldering-hot rival Akoni is beyond tempting and he knows it, but I’m not nearly stupid enough to fall into that serpent’s coils.

And if my father finds out where I’ve been? I am beyond dead. And so are the dragons.

I’m going to need more duct tape.


Bound By Chaos

Breath of Chaos #2

I didn’t want a consort. Now I have three.

It’s anything but a good time. My bond to Auryn is painfully diseased, Keon wants a divorce, and Akoni is well… Akoni. And he may have tried to murder me. Maybe. Just saying. His father definitely tried to set me on fire.

The magnetar’s traversal is about to complete. If I don’t find the lost ship, the dragons will blast humanity back to the the Dark Ages. But my father’s flagged my passport, my consorts won’t stop fighting long enough to help me, there’s a murder investigation, and a lack of coffee.

Lemuria doesn’t have nearly enough duct tape and paperclips for me to fix this. I don’t think it’s my imagination the strain is tearing me apart.


Chaos Covenant

Breath of Chaos #3

The good news: my three consorts are all sort of talking to each other, and a chaos dragon has been found.

The bad news: I’m the chaos dragon.

More bad news: The quantum core failed, the Gate is closed, untrained cosmic-born force-mutated chaos dragons going through their first molt are dangerous, Jahlim had an accomplice, the magnetar is about the traverse, and human civilization is going to be torched.

The only option is to return to the ancient ship for answers. Except the clues will lead to a nightmare buried deep in the Atlantic, and a secret that has been locked away for eons.