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A damned soul, the ultimate price.

A monster in his before, Mirsaid is now tamun: a warrior who seeks redemption for his sins by serving any master willing to pay for his services. Forbidden from love, family, or joy, and yoked with iron, Mirsaid serves without question or complaint.

When he and his team clear out a leech nest, and find one of the livestock has—somehow—survived, he risks his soul to pursue a bounty without a patron, and unlock her terrifying secret.

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On The Bit

If the horses don't break your heart, the people will.

Fifteen-year-old Farren dreams of being a doctor, and having a horse or two in her life. For the past year she's been trading barn work for a few riding lessons, except now, without explanation, her parents have changed the rules—and keep changing them. Her brother Ben is the favorite, and she's only in his way.

Somehow, she'll earn her family's respect, even in a game she's not allowed to win.

Young young adult/older middle grade. 

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