Unicorn Poptarts

Whelp, Little Kitty Nursing Home got a new resident. Floor Boss has come back as 3.2 creatinine, so you know what that means. SUBQ FOR YOU! Did I mention that this cat has NO scruff or loose skin and massive fat shoulders and she’s like holding onto one of those half-filled water-noodle toys?

Our vet was like “LOL. Godspeed.”

See this? This is me rolling my eyes.

And I don’t know about you guys, but grocery shopping is still weird. I had to be in P-town (Petaluma, for you non-Bay-Area types) and the Safeway had like… TOILET PAPER. People think Napa is super posh, but the reality is we’re just a rural farm town off the beaten path with a thin layer of legit-starred restaurants and $2K resorts and a lot of wine busses that bring in the people willing to pay $2K a night.

(Remind me to tell you about the time that husband and I were ate at one of the restaurants attached to one of those resorts and as we were leaving a random gorgeous Husky just comes up to us like OH HAI and an adventure to find where she’d come from resulted. We got a doughnut out of it)

I did not buy these. I was tempted. Frosted Cherry is like my 3rd favorite PopTart flavor, but the lack of sprinkles disturbed me.