Office Cats

While I was researching the 1897 Aurora Incident, I ran across a very sweet little notice in the El Paso Daily Herald (April 24th, 1897 )

“The HERALD has a new office kitten and the Waterbury clock in the composing room has been thrown away and the fair compositors will now know when it is dinner time by looking into the kitten’s face. The new cat is a grand daughter of old “socks” the former office cat and by instinct and early training in a printing office cat as her grand mother and mother were both of that profession. No one could tell the time of day by old “sock’s” eyes because she was minus one ear and it made the lights and shadows flicker over her eye balls at such a rapid rate that it is impossible to tell time. Young Pandelete’s face is pictured by the HERALD’S artist on the third page of this paper and there it is shown how the time of day can be told by looking at the cat’s eyes”